Le Weekend Part Deux

The bike ride that wasn’t…

Sunday was an exercise in frustration. My bike buddy and I tried to go for a ride around noon and were thwarted by the Marathon that was still going on. Grrrr, I feel like I spent my entire weekend sitting in traffic. We ended up sitting in the car for over an hour and only went 12km’s! I am not a crier but I was definately near tears of frustration, all I wanted to do was get to the bike path and go on a ride, it shouldn’t be that difficult! We eventually got through that nightmare and back to my place (over 90 minutes later) and ate some leftover pasta.

My bike buddy had to go after lunch but I waited a little longer to digest my food and headed back out solo. This time I succesfully made it to the path and went on my way.  I was a little worried about biking after lunch but figured I would go for an easy 60 minute ride and not push too hard.

So happy to FINALLY be at the bike path!

So happy to FINALLY be at the bike path!

I took off flying down the path and kept telling myself to slow down but it felt so good! The ride was going great until I stopped to take a photo and started to feel sick. As I went to get back on my bike, I immediately felt dizzy and thought I was going to pass out! I’ve never had that happen to me and I was freaked out since I was in the middle of nowhere alone (I did have my cell with me). I sat on some rocks for a few minutes and then slowly went on my way, I was so dissapointed. I had to complete the loop to get back to my car and I was so frustrated as I kept getting passed by other bikers.  The good thing is that I’m fine and I think it might have been my asthma acting up? I didn’t have any breathing issues but when I got back to the car I noticed my chest felt pretty tight. Hopefully my next ride goes much better!

Back home I dug into some Chia pudding based on a recipe I was given with my Chia seeds at Whole Foods. All you have to do is mix 3 TBSPs of Chia seeds with 1 cup of Almond Milk and stirr a few times while it sets. The recipe reccomends using chocolate milk and topping with raspberries but I didn’t have any so I used Vanilla flavoured Almond Milk, added extra Vanilla flavouring and topped it with some strawberries and Crofters Jam. This was awesome and tasted even better served in a fun glass!

IMG_7611After dinner I wanted a little more pudding and created this monster:

– 1 TBSP of pudding
– 1  TSP of Almond Butter
– 1/2 TSP of Jam
– A few chocolate chips

Mix it all up and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have an awesome, decadent treat!

Since I’ve mentioned jam a few timese in this post I want to talk about the spread I bought over the weekend. I picked up some Crofter’s Spread over the weekend because we were out and it was on sale at Whole Foods, I figured it would be fine… the top of the jar even told me that Suzie thought it was great!

IMG_7595Well, Suzie is a filthy liar. This spread is not great… no, not great… this spread is FREAKING AWESOME!! This jam is second only to the homemade jam a friends mom used to make, it tastes homemade in the most delicious way possible. Next time you’re out of jam I highly recomend giving Crofter’s a try, it’s delicious!

I’ll leave you with that but stay tuned, I’m working on a post on intuitive eating, body image and weightloss!

WOOPS! I got a little too caught up in my dissapointing ride from yesterday and forgot to tell y’all that I ran again today.  I’m still following the couch to 5k program and I’m on day 2 of this weeks schedules runs! So far my knees and shins feel good *knock on wood* and I even ran a little extra after I completed todays program :) Todays workout was definately redepmtion over yesterday!


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