My weekend in food…

Sunday evening always seems to come too soon doesn’t it?! This was the first weekend I spent in the city in 6 weeks, can you believe it, it was choc full of adventures and the most food shopping I’ve done in months!

Fab Food Friday!

My fab food Friday involved this organic cupcake from a coworker, I LOVE cupcakes.

Fab Food Friday!

Fab Food Friday!

After work I hightailed it to the Dentist and then went on my usual Friday afternoon grocery shop.

I shook up some Amazing Grass for the road…

Green fuel on the go!

Green fuel on the go!

About half of my produce was local and the strawberries and broc were super cheap making me a very happy girl!


Fab Food Friday #2… Salba Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

I saw the Blue Salba Tortilla Chips on Angela’s Oh She Glows blog recently and wanted to try them. If I’m going to have chips as a treat why not try ones with some added nutrition, right? These were to die for, totally addicting!!

I got all the groceries put away and got ready to go out and surprise my friend for her birthday.  I had helped organize the surprise with her boyfriend and was eager to see it come together :) I love being surprised and surprising other people!

Getting my sass on.

Getting my sass on.

I grabbed a black blazer as my “coat” since it’s been a little chilly at night and was on my way! We were meeting at 8:30 for drinks and food and then whoever wanted to could continue on to the club upstairs.

I was driving so I ordered 1 drink early in the night and nursed it with lots of water. This was a (hard) blueberry lemonade with real blueberries and it was dangerously good.


Some of the boys wanted to do Tequila shots and ordered me one but I had the waitress change it to Sambucca and pawned it off on the Birthday girl… I’m usually game to go head to head with the guys but NOT when I’m driving, not to mention I hadn’t had dinner so there was no way I was doing shots.


We finally got some food! It was pretty late and I was pretty hungry by this point.

A lot of nachos, wings and some calamari were consumed by my table but I chose to have the mushroom bruschetta, which was ok. I did snag 1 wing, a bite of calamari and some carrot sticks (no nachos because they were covered in beef chilli and cheese).


Sooper Saturday

With Whole Foods and shopping on the adgenda Saturday was sure to be sooper and it did not disappoint. The only low spot in the day was sitting in traffic, there is always traffic no matter what time of day and it’s the one thing I cannot stand, anyway…

Before heading out I had some WW toast with Almond Butter and Blueberry/Pom jam with a side of strawberries.


We were planning on driving out to the ginormous Whole Foods in the ‘burbs instead of the nearby but smaller downtown location.

Woah boy the ‘burbs did NOT disappoint! This store isn’t as big as the mammoth WF’s in Chicago but it’s still fab!! We lucked out and they had tons of product samples out, conveniently one was for Chia seeds – just what I was looking for. The downtown WFs only carries one brand which is mucho expensive, I was hoping the bigger store would have more options and they did! I bought two packages for less than one of the other brand.

This store also had a coffee bar!!


I was very excited because in addition to the usual dairy and soy milks you could also have rice or almond milk in your coffee. I promptly ordered an Iced Latte with Almond Milk and was over the moon, it was delicious and there was no chance of an upset stomach, holler!

We decided to eat at the store and I resisted the salad bar in favour of my latte and a new kind of soy yogurt. Unfortch the yogurt was not great, it tasted like flavoured tofu and was just not appealing – I don’t think I even made it through half… fortunately my amazing latte more than made up for it!


This is the rest of the haul from WFs… I found a new flavour of Larabar and my first Jocalat bar, which I’m excited to try!


Our shopping adventures also took us through Costco where I totally scored on giant containers of Almond Butter which were on sale! Check these babies out…


Each giant jar was cheaper than the regular size at the grocery store, I’m so glad Costco is finally carrying AB!

I also picked up some glass “tupperware” for transporting my lunches. I’m trying to get away from plastic and these were a great price at Costco.

Sooper Saturday continue with one of my favorite dinners, marinated shrimp and pasta, I used to make this every Sunday through highschool. I melted some Feta into the pasta sauce and added some zuchinni and sauted mushrooms… it was delicious if I do say so myself!

IMG_7583This was the first time I tried “zuchinni pasta” and it was great! I would definately do that again, it really bulked up the dish.

I enjoyed this with some refreshing Lemon San Pellegrino in a pretty glass (of course!)

IMG_7585This was definitely a more decadent dinner that my usual but sometimes you need to treat yourself! I loved every bite/sip.

I think it’s time to wrap this up so I can get to bed and be fresh for work tomorrow. I’ll be back with part II tomorrow!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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