Holiday Monday treats…

It’s a holiday today in Canada and there were a lot of yummy treats throughout the day… As I posted earlier I worked from 9-2 because I’m going on a 3 1/2 week vacation and needed to get some things done.

I sat down to work with a glass of Black Cherry Spritzer. I normally just drink water but these were on sale and I thought I would try it as a treat. According to the can it’s 100% juice with no sugar added, although to be truthful I didn’t read the ingredients.


Mid-morning I snacked on a few Almond Nut-Thins with Almond Butter. I’ve been making myself wait to buy AB until I finish my stock of natural PB, but it was on sale so I finally gave into my craving and picked up a jar – it reminds me of childhood, deeeelicious!


I had some left-over shanghai noodles (maybe 1/2 a cup) but the photo got lost somewhere… just before I finished up my work I made some Ruths Chia Goodness. I’ve been wanting to try chia seeds for a while now, they are all over the blogging world and have great nutritional value but I wasn’t going out of my way to buy some before my flax seeds were finished. And then, and then and then and then (that will only make sense if you’ve seen ‘Dude where’s my car’) I saw Chia seeds at my regular grocery store (instead of whole foods) and the package just JUMPED into my cart, I swear I don’t know how it happened… Clearly, because I didn’t realized there was fruit mixed in until I opened it up! Oups!

This is what it looks like dry, 2 TBSPs worth.

IMG_5008Then I added water and let it sit for a few minutes and voila!

IMG_5017Then I went it for my first taste… I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the gel-like texture with bits of chia and hemp seeds be too weird?

Judging from my nearly empty mug I’d say this was a huge PASS!

IMG_5019It got better as I went a long and I love that there are hemp seeds in the mix! Because you can make this with hot or cold water (in addition to milk and adding it to oatmeal etc) this is hugely portable. I’m already planning to have it as my snack before baseball and biking – the chia seeds expand and hold a lot of liquid so this will help me stay hydrated.

I’m also going to take this with me to Greece to have for breakfast. I’m not flying my blender overseas (no green monsters for breakfast) but this is so easy!  It was definately a happy accident that I picked this mix up instead of straight Chia Seeds, it’s perfect for snacks and I will be brining it on my road trip this weekend.

The chia seeds held me through my bike ride and all afternoon/evening, other than the last half of my Cliff bar from yesterday I didn’t get hungry until I ate dinner around 8:30pm. AWESOME!

Dinner was a grilled sandwich packed with veggies and some ham with a side of organice Raspberry Lemonade (on sale and a treat).

IMG_5054This bad boy was filled with smashed avocado, hummus, lettuce from my garden, ham, tomato from the farmers market and cucumber. It was fab!

Today was definately delicious!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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