Sensational Saturday!

I’ve had a fantastic long weekend so far!

I worked late on Friday, yes on the Friday of a long weekend, but I had a great time flying through my work without tons of people interrupting me. Chatted with my manager in French and then was the very last employee to leave the building. I had some more shopping to do so I hit the mall, I don’t shop often so when I go I have a ton to get – I should grab a photo of the haul from the last week. I scored some great deals and finished buying gifts for my trip to Greece. The best part of the trip was spotting a Farmers Market in the parking lot, talk about awesome! I’ve been trying out different farmers markets but haven’t found one I really like that is nearby and not astronomically expensive and this one was AWESOME. It wasn’t huge, there were two main produce vendors but both had a great selection annd I found out the market just started recently and is there on Tuesdays and Fridays, perfect! Since I’m going away and need to clean out the fridge I didn’t get too much but I will definately be going back.

I love that there's still dirt on my carrots!

I love that there's still dirt on my carrots!

Saturday was sensational!

I got a long overdue haircut, I was waiting so it would be fresh for my trip and to save some money.

Before – I don’t have a recent pic of my hair straightened but it was past the shoulders.




I’m loving it! The best hair dresser I’ve ever had went on Maternity leave and no longer works at my old salon so I’ve been trying to find someone else and I loved the girl I tried this time, she was awesome!

Saturday afternoon was a baby shower for Andrea, one of my best friends from university. Her little guy arrived 6 weeks early and is now two moths old, he is a teeny little cuddlebug.

I love buying my favorite kids books as gifts.



I also bought some adorable teeny tiny clothes.


All together


Ready to hit the road!

IMG_4874Unfortch I got on the highway behind an accident that CLOSED the highway for 1 and a half hours! We had nowhere to go and had to park on the highway while they investigated the accident. I ended up getting to the shower just over an hour late and felt sooo bad but what can you do?! The shower was great and I stayed after it was officially over to hang out with Andrea and her best friends from high school. We hung out, ordered in some dinner, went for a walk around the hostesess new neighborhood and snuggled the little guy, he is just too precious! A really great time was had by all and I’m so glad I got to see them before I left for Greece.

There are no food pictures in this post because my good camera is in the car :(


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