Go with the flow!

I love summer! Warm weather makes you feel like anything is possible and it also brings people together… I love relaxing with friends at the beach, on a patio or during a BBQ, wherever really.

It can be easy to miss out on enjoying the summer, whether it’s enjoying the outdoors or casual gatherings with friends, if you get too caught up with your schedule. I usually create a workout plan in my head each week around the different social/work engagements going on; but it’s so easy to be too accountable to your schedule. Staying active is like eating healthily, it’s a journey and one that should be flexible – the ultimate goal is to be healthy and nothing is as good for you as enjoying time with others.

Needless to say this week has been crazy!! I’m leaving for Europe in two weeks so I’m on the go all the time to ensure everything is taken care of in and outside of work (I’ll be gone for 3 ½ weeks!!) but I don’t want to let my eating or activity slip – I’m going to be on a beach for most of my trip after all!

While I’m faced with huge to-do lists and it would be easy to blow everyone off, concentrate on checking things off and tell myself I can relax on the trip, which is not cool! Instead I’m laying out everything I need/want to do and going with the flow to get it done! The Type A part of me is freaking out a little bit even though I know it will all get done the Type A part is stamping its foot and saying “do it now now now”. Fortunately the Zen part of me overruled Ms. Type A and we’re going to rock out and have a great time with whatever we’re doing… at the end of the day no list really matters, I have my passport and plane ticket and they are the ONLY things that matter! 

In two weeks, I’ll be here!


 Getting there is all about going with the flow!

I was scheduled to run on Wednesday (I’m consciously leaving at least 1 day between runs) and planned to talk to one of my best friends, Jules, before I went to the gym. After dinner I threw on my gym cloths and called her, figuring we would talk for an hour and then I’d head to the gym. Nearly four hours later I barely had time to grab a shower and get to bed… I missed my run but nothing could have been more therapeutic than our epic chat, it was awesome!

I decided I would get up and run Thursday morning since I had a lot going on that night. Well Miss Smarty Pants over here set her alarm for  5:45 PM!! Hahaha!! Ooops! With everything going on it would have been so easy to be pissed off but I just laughed and got on with my day.

Last night (Thursday) turned out to be great and it was all because I went with the flow all week! I had a lot on the agenda: working late, buying baby and wedding shower gifts, beach volleyball, maybe a run and hopefully dinner at some point in time! I got everything done at work, I bought some awesome gifts (stayed in budget!!!) and I had a BLAST at beach volleyball. I didn’t worry about leaving at a certain time to go home and run, I just chilled with everyone. I’m glad I did because if I’d left after the official game I would have missed out on a friend bringing me some grilled pineapple wrapped in prosciutto! I’m a prosciutto fiend, I love it and this combo blew my mind, it was awesome!!

I got home late for a “school night” but I was feeling great from such a great night so I headed to the gym and got a run in. It was a hard but good run. I wasn’t fueled very well and had been drinking a lot of water so I got a cramp halfway through but worked through it and actually increased the pace of the running portions… I use the term running loosely, I’m really jogging but I’m getting there. Of course I was sandwiched between to super runners who looked like they were sprinting the whole time but whatever, I just rocked out to my tunes and it was all good!

Peace out!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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