Weekend Recap

After work on Friday I headed out for my usual bike ride (I usually ride Friday, Saturday and Sunday without fail) but it was cut short when I my seat got loose and I had to turn around (it’s hard biking without sitting down!). They were filming a movie at the beach where I was parked so I had to wait until they took a break to get to my car and I  ended up bumping into a guy from work who was out for a walk on the beach… It figures I’d run into someone when I was wearing a white workout tank and bra in rainy weather, awesome!

Film crew trucks

Film crew trucks

Fog around the set.

Fog around the set.

It was frustrating to cut my ride short but it turned out to be a blessing because monsoon worthy rain started pouring down a few minutes after I got into the car, it was a virtual white out – which turned out to be a theme for the weekend.

Crazy clouds rolling in!

Crazy clouds rolling in!

After 10 crazy minutes of rain.

After 10 crazy minutes of rain.

Friday night I headed out of town for a road trip including mucho shopping, spa-time, mid-night dance parties, jagger-bombs and some wine tastings. It was a totally stellar weekend, I got a lot of awesome clothes for my trip to Greece, a coach purse I’ve been lusting after (at the outlet, great price!), had some fun friend bonding time and wore myself out. I’ve taken some pretty crazy road trips and this was one of the craziest, we hardly slept, battled driving in rain-whiteouts and had our car searched at the boarder on the way home, it was awesome!

I got back into town on Sunday and despite being totally exhausted I set to work cooking some food for the week. The only way I can avoid eating out waaay too much is to find time to cook on Sunday. I love cooking but I’m so busy during the week, not to mention I’m hungry when I get home I need to at least have some basics prepped before the week begins.

This weeks menu included Black Bean Burgers and a meatless Cabbage casserole. I used dried beans for the 2nd time ever and I also used the beans in the cabbage casserol instead of my usual kidney beans and ground turkey (I didn’t have any turkey in the freezer and buying some wasn’t in this weeks budget).

For the burgers I looked at a few different recipes online for inspiration and they came out really awesome. The only thing I would do differently is leave out the dash of worchestershire sauce, I’m not a fan of the taste. My favorite things to do to dress up veggie burgers is to add bean sprouts, sliced tomato, baby spinach and sauted mushrooms/onions, and sometimes hummus… any or all of thos make such a delicious and hearty meal! Todays burger was naked with a side of steamed broc, cucumber and some hummus but I have some “fixins” in the fridge that will hopefully make their way into my lunch bag tomorrow.


I used my tried and true recipe for the cabbage casserole with some substitutions for ingredients I didn’t have. The recipe is so simple and tastes great! As I mentioned I used black beans instead of kidney beans & ground turkey becase it’s what I had on hand; I like the added flavour the turkey gives the dish but it still tastes good without it and made great use of ingredients I had on hand.

Tonights dinner – cabbage yum!

Cabbage Yum

Cabbage Yum


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