Indoor adventures

I had a soooper (“french” spelling) Friday night. After work I had to take my car in for scheduled maitenance (happy 8 months!) and treated myself to an iced soy latte at Starbucks while I sat on their patio reading a magazine. It was heaven!

I usually rush around and do my errands on Friday so it was nice to relax right after work and getting Starbucks was actually a big treat. Nearly two years ago work was really tough and getting Starbucks went from a once a week treat to a daily reward for just going into the office. We had a pretty great relationship, hehehe, except that it was a pretty expensive habit money & calories-wise so we broke up and now we’re the type of friends who see each other on vacation and special occasions… and yes, I made the call that taking my car into the dealer was a special occasion. Starbucks wasn’t meant to be a huge part of this post but as someone who really likes “pretty drinks” I’m happy have a healthier relationship with “the mothership” and can now appreciate it as a treat… I call them pretty drinks because I would never order plain coffee, I always got Mocas or Macchiato’s, now I find them super sweet but a nice treat occasionaly. Trust me this is an accomplishment because there is a Starbucks in my condo building, I literally walk into the patio to go outside, it’s tough!

(Coffee is also one of the dirtiest foods so I prefer not to ingest all those chemicals when my diet is pretty clean otherwise)

Anyway, the real reason for this post was my date! I had a hot (literally) date with the treadmill, bike, pool and a friend who came along for the ride to do an indoor sprint triathalon! Since I just started training for running I did the run first and followed the day 2 workout instead of doing a sprint-tri distance. Then I hopped on the bike which was hilarious because my arms were so sweaty they kept sliding off, by the end of that leg I was holding on to stay on!! Then we hopped in the pool and swam 1000 fairly quickly.

Overall it was a great workout and I wish I had time to do a real race this summer! Running 2 days in a row was a bad idea but I have to take advantage of the free time I have instead of waiting for an ideal time that will never happy. I do have to say I get SO bored in the gym, I’d rather be outdoors  but this was a good use of a free, rainy Friday night.

After that little workout I headed upstairs and watched Mean Girls while I iced my shins/knees and drank some coconut water. I’m fairly bummed that I won’t be able to do any races this summer but between various social engagements (wedding/baby showers, road trips) and my 3 and a ½ week vacation I just don’t have time, at least I’m getting a jump start on training for next year!

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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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